Clarksville CWRT Finds a New Home

Fellow members and friends of the Clarksville Civil War Roundtable,

After seven years of meeting in the cafe of the Borders book store in Governor’s Square Mall, we have a new home. This was brought about by the growth of our membership and the fact that the cafe can no longer fit all of us into its space for our meetings. This is a nice problem to have, however, as it means that the CWRT is growing. We thank you for your support and membership as we move into the sesquicentennial of the Civil War.

A couple meeting sites had been considered and member John Stanton, who is a surgeon, has kindly offered us his new office lobby as our meeting place. There is plenty of parking, a covered front door entrance for inclement weather, and lots of comfy chairs to sit in. The room will have to be re-arranged for each meeting and then put back for the use of the office the next day but we can all pitch in to help. There is no snack bar so we will have to do what many other CWRTs do each month – create volunteer foragers to handle cookies, brownies, etc. as well as soft drinks and coffee. Karel Lea Biggs can bring a coffee maker each month and if we get two foragers per month the snacks will be well in hand.

The new site is but 3-4 minutes from Borders. For our Kentucky members and friends – from Russellville – head into Clarksville on Hwy 79 as before. Once you cross under I-24 you will come to a traffic light which is Holiday Drive. There is a Quality Inn on the left corner. Turn left at this light and take this behind the mall to Dunlop Lane. Make another left there and go to the second right, which is directly across from the Gateway Hospital. Turn right (this is Professional Park Drive) and go to the building on the right – the Bone & Joint Center at 980 Professional Park Drive. Turn in and park.

For our Kentucky members and friends from Hopkinsville, Cadiz, etc. – come down I-24 to Exit Four. Get off there and turn right and move into the left lane for the left turn above onto Holiday Drive. (This can be a bit tricky – if need be turn right at the light and U-turn in the Chinese restaurant parking lot and then go straight across Wilma onto Holiday Drive). Follow the above directions the rest of the way.

For our Clarksville members – you can take the route outlines above or, if you live south of the mall area – come towards the mall northbound on Wilma Rudolph Blvd. Where 101st Airborne crosses Wilma, turn right and get onto the road which is now Warfield. At Holiday Drive, turn left and at Dunlop Lane turn right and follow the above for the short rest of the way.

If you live on the west side, Woodlawn, Dover, etc., get on 101st Airborne and take that east and cross Wilma Rudolph and at Holiday Drive turn left and follow the above.

This new location is very easy to find but if you have questions, please let me know. Again, this is mere minutes from the mall. The main entrance is in the center of the building and meetings will be held on the left side after coming in.

We cannot thank John Stanton enough for offering his new office space for our meetings. I will email Borders to let them know of the change and also to let them know that we very much would like for them to still be involved when we get in authors. If they cannot send over someone with books then please be sure to stop by Borders before any meetings where authors are speaking as I will be sure they carry whatever books are needed for that particular month.

I hope this helps everyone.

Greg Biggs
President, Clarksville CWRT

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