April Topic! Stewart County in the Civil War!

Our Speaker and Topic  – “Stewart County, Tennessee in the Civil War”

  Those of us in Clarksville and Montgomery County, TN, having the much larger county population wise, often forget that the biggest Civil War battle in our area was west of us in neighboring Stewart County – the Forts Henry and Donelson Campaign.  What happened there affected Middle Tennessee for the rest of the war.

But how much else do we know of Stewart County in the Civil War?  What units were raised there?  What other events took place there in terms of battles, raids, guerrilla activity and more?  How were the locals affected by the war literally outside of their front doors?

Answering these and other questions is our own “Ski,” Susan Witzofsky, a well known expert on many things Stewart County historically.  She will inform us of the hardships of the people from war time and into Reconstruction; the loss of boats on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers and so much more.

Local historian Susan “Ski” Witzofsky is a graduate of APSU. She retired from TVA Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area after more than twenty years. During her tenure she managed campgrounds.  She is also a noted authority on Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area including Stewart County Tn. and Trigg and Lyon Counties in Ky.
We hope to see you Wednesday, April 18th at the the Bone & Joint Center at 7 PM for our monthly meeting.